Caerleon Arts website relaunch

We are very proud to be involved with the Caerleon Arts festival committee; part of the free, community or charity based work which we like to undertake alongside our main projects.

Caerleon Arts are involved with many areas; from running the farmers markets, to organising the hugely successful festival events, and much more.

As part of our role, we have upgraded the previous website so that it addressed key goals:

  • Was easy to update
  • Was better organised
  • Worked on mobile

We use the WordPress content management system on many projects and this allowed the new website to be easily updatable. Better still, as some Caerleon Arts members were already familiar with WordPress, they were very quickly able to help out with administering the website.

A key goal of the new website was to re-visit the website structure, concentrating on the website visitors, their user journeys, and their experience; there is no point creating a new website design if the underlying website structure has not been re-considered (Our design process always takes great strides to address this key area).

With the new design we are beginning to focus on the areas of activity which Caerleon Arts are involved with; there is a lot more work to do here but the journey to better organise the content has started.

As Caerleon Arts are,  by their nature, very event oriented, events are key to the new website. We are also using the flexibiilty of WordPress so that events and news articles can be tied to areas of activity (e.g. so you can find out about upcoming Farmers Markets easily).

The Future

The website is very much a work in progress and we are working very closely with Caerleon Arts to improve the core content & functionality of the website. We are putting processes and procedures in place to help the group submit event & content ideas in a structured & methodical manner.

We have also produced a new, mobile friendly email newsletter using Campaign Monitor.

Please visit the new Caerleon Arts website.


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