is £10 too much for a website?

Is £10 too much for a website?

How much should you spend on a website? What is good value? In this article we walk through some examples to help reframe how you approach this important question. Our ideas about quality & value are funny old things. I…

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Asking Google to re-index your page

This article explains how to tell Google that you have changed a page on your website and that they should re-index it as soon as possible. If you have updated a page on your website then this is what will…

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Neil Armstrong & SEO, one small step


The purpose of this post is to, over a series of articles, revisit what Search Engine Optimisation means, and what practical implications it has for website owners. Note: the main audience for this blog and our Facebook Group etc are…

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WordPress webinar and points

On Friday the 24th of April, we ran our first WordPress Webinar. We covered quite a few topics so in this post I just want to go back over the key points and give you any relevant links etc –…

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A simple guide to using Slack

In this article, we discuss what Slack is, we walk through the functionality, and we discuss how it can be used with organisations such as yours. What is Slack? If you’ve never used Slack before then the best way to…

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Treat your WordPress site like an allotment

Treat your website like an allotment

I tell clients to consider their website similar to a vegetable plot (we call those ‘allotments‘ in the UK). An effective vegetable plot is not the result of a single activity. Instead, it is the result of key blocks of…

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Screencasting – the killer app for remote work

Here at Glass Mountains, our 10+ team have been working remotely in a digitally distributed environment for 10 years now. We’ve learnt the hard way what works, and what doesn’t! Furthermore, for over 5 years, we have worked on large…

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