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Now that August is sadly receding into the rear view mirror of history (apologies, feeling poetic today), many of us will be thinking of business, and considering what we can do next to make improvements and to achieve better results. One ripe area you can look to is your website; changes there, & upping your digital game with training etc, can be a very lucrative route forward (as well as an opportunity to steal a march on your competition).

Now obviously we can help with website redesigns (see our portfolio) but we’ve also bundled up a collection of products and services to help you take positive steps in the coming weeks. Let’s freewheel our shopping trolley and see what is on offer…

Website Review Service

A website can always be improved. Why not improve yours with our brand new service. Our expert eyes will analyse your website and give you a clear, common sense, list of recommendations for how it can be removed. Ideal if your website has not been updated for a while or you need a starting point for a redesign project. Find out more >>

Digital Strategy Workshop

In this workshop session, we jointly review the key aspects of your online approach; whatever that includes: website, email newsletter, social media, Google Analytics etc. We’ll assess its current strengths (and weaknesses) and identify opportunities for you to create further value and generate better ROI for your business.

You’ll walk away with actionable points to help take your digital strategy up to the next level.

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Analytics Workshop

In this hands on, workshop session, we’ll investigate how analytics can help measure your website and your digital strategy. The aim is to clearly understand how your business can generate value online, and how that can be measured, and what action should be taken.

We’ll also have the opportunity to look at your existing analytics to plan how you can improve the current setup so it better aligns to your business goals.

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Google Analytics Review

This is more focused, entry level service where we’ll remotely review key aspects of your Google Analytics account and report back to you on highlights as well key nuggets of actionable insights that you can utilise. We’ll review the findings with you over the phone, or in person.

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Google Analytics Training

Google Analytics is pretty much the standard website analytics tool and, chances are, you’ve got it installed on your website (whether you use it or not). However, chances also are that you feel pretty overwhelmed when you do look at it. Why not have some hands on training to help banish the confusion? Sessions can be introductory or more advanced.

Training can either be 121, for your team, or classroom based.

Get in touch and we’ll work out what’s best >>

Google Tag Manager – An Introduction

Google Tag Manager (GTM) is increasingly becoming a very import tool in the arsenal of online marketers. Indeed, we install it as standard in on our website design or re-design projects. GTM is a fantastic method of loading third party code (like Google Analytics, OptinMonster etc) as it can save your marketing department a lot of time. However, it does a lot more than that as well. Why not book a session where we give you the guided tour?

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Marketing Automation Workshop

Marketing automation is the next big buzz work for many businesses. Think of it like an email newsletter on steroids. You can set up rules so that (e.g.) your contacts automatically get emailed certain info if it’s their birthday, or they expressed an interest in a product. You can automatically sms/text as well – it can even send people a physical postcard.

Best of all, you can create these marketing automation workflows with a simple, graphical tool.

Why not book a demo session where we show you how all of this works and then you can mull as to how it can benefit your business – as it certainly can.

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So, hopefully something there will whet your appetite!

Please get in touch if you have any questions.


Joel & The team at Glass Mountains

p.s. we’ve got a few more things coming out of the lab as well as a mini-event coming coming. Signup to the newsletter to be amongst the first to know more.

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