Using Yoast SEO plugin to improve your page descriptions for Google

How to use the WordPress Yoast SEO Plugin to help you write a stronger opening sentence on your blog or website page content, that Google will love.

In this screencast, I show how you can use the Yoast SEO plugin in WordPress to help focus you on writing a better SEO page description.

We want better page descriptions as these show up in Google search results pages. So, if our content is appearing there, we want to make sure that it is being presented in the best possible way, so as to maximise clicks.

Here I’m writing a blog post but it can apply to any page, of course.

Remember that what I am demonstrating here is a ‘hint’ to Google – they do not *have* to use it in their search results listing (as demonstrated towards the end of the video). However, even if Google does ignore it, it’s still a great process to follow as it helps you write that strong opening sentence anyway.

I’ll be demonstrating this technique in an upcoming WordPress webinar on SEO, feel free to join me on that to ask questions.




p.s. ironically, as I rushed this a little, I didn’t spend time getting the page URL, title, and description to really sing from the same hymn sheet – more on that in another post (where hopefully I DO get it right!).

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