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A simple guide to using Slack

In this article, we discuss what Slack is, we walk through the functionality, and we discuss how it can be used with organisations such as yours. What is Slack? If you’ve never used Slack before then the best way to…

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Treat your WordPress site like an allotment

Treat your website like an allotment

I tell clients to consider their website similar to a vegetable plot (we call those ‘allotments‘ in the UK). An effective vegetable plot is not the result of a single activity. Instead, it is the result of key blocks of…

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Screencasting – the killer app for remote work

Here at Glass Mountains, our 10+ team have been working remotely in a digitally distributed environment for 10 years now. We’ve learnt the hard way what works, and what doesn’t! Furthermore, for over 5 years, we have worked on large…

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How to report an error to your Web Designer

This short article will teach you how to properly report a bug to your web designer. The quicker you clearly report the issue you are seeing, the quicker they will be able to fix it. Learn how…. “Doesn’t work” isn’t…

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How to create a visual sitemap

When planning a new website, or redesigning an existing one, it’s very important to consider the structure of the website: one tool that can help here is ‘visual site mapping‘. In this article, I’ll talk through why visual site mapping…

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Required: Freelance WordPress designer

We are on the lookout for a remote*, highly experienced, freelance designer with specific expertise in WordPress. (*though if you’re local to Newport, South Wales, great! However, you will probably be based anywhere in the UK, or even beyond). Note…

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Does a website need a sidebar?

Does a website need a sidebar? Short Answer: a sidebar can be very useful at encouraging website visitors to take appropriate action. However, there are other ways to achieve that goal; please bare in mind mobile as well.  The Low…

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Brighton SEO

Last Friday I made the trip down to BrightonSEO and what a fascinating time I had. I’d like to share a small selection of those insights here. As a WordPress design/hosting company we are obviously very much aware of the…

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Google Analytics, WordPress, and GDPR

Note: this is all subject to change! As we learn more we will be updating this post and correcting/disagreeing with ourselves (probably). Note 2: this isn’t legal advice (yadda, yadda yadda). Is Google Analytics GDPR compliant? The answer appears to…

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