The WordPress Show – with Helen Reynolds

In this show, I was lucky to have Helen Reynolds of Comms Creative on talking about all things social media.

Appealing to some people is much better than me ignored by all of the people”
Helen reynolds


Sorry for the slightly echoey Helen, I had a play with the audio post but I couldn’t do a lot about it (we didn’t get this issue when we did a test before but there we go!)

Some general links first:


Hel talks about things like:

  • The process of selling online via social media (and what not to do!)
  • Know, Like, Trust (and building communities)
  • ….most businesses make the mistake online of kipping know/like
  • What % of your social media updates will be ‘selling
  • Tik-Tok
  • Getting the balance of which channels to use
  • Getting the balance of how much time to spend on it
  • Q. When is the best time to post on social media? [around 17:00]
  • Hummus (yes, really ;)
  • Q. A question about scheduling tools such as Hootsuite/Buffer/Tweetdeck etc [22:25]
  • How bigger organisations handle multiple social media topics & expert areas
  • Q. How do you use gifs/memes etc which fit your tone of voice/brand [28:00]
  • Q. Do emojis help with engagement? [30:00]
  • Factoid! What does ’emoji’ stand for? [32:00]
    (we guessed incorrectly on the show, visit the Facebook Group for the right answer).
  •  Q. A question about having a personal and a business Twitter accounts [33:45]
  • Overcoming fears, being honest, and being authentic
  • Imposter syndrome
  • Appealing to some people is much better than me ignored by all of the people” (a great quote from Hel around 39:35 )
  • Social media mistakes
  • ….and we ended with a very funny story about a mistake Hel made on social media (42:00)
  • Comms Creatives Social Media Expert Course coming up in Sept
  • 31 Days of Creativity


Ok, so here are some specific links & note:


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