#TheWPshow with Andy Davies on Site Speed

On the Feb 2021 show, we had Andy Davies, telling us all about ‘Site Speed’:

Here are the show notes: 

  • 1:40 Introduction to Andy’s job role 
  • 5:07 How speed affects visitors behaviour to your site. 
  • 8:00 Core Web Vitals 
  • 13:27 Chrome UX Report 
  • 22:03 Page Speed Insights (Debenhams Example)
  • 22:27 Web Page Test (Debenhams Example)
  • 34:30 Cloud Flare
  • 53:39 Direction of Travel (in terms of Web Performance)

Thank you for watching and taking the time to read this post; keep an eye out for our up and coming #TheWPshow.

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