#TheWPshow with Nick Boyce

On the 24th of July I was lucky enough to chat to Nick Boyce of Pollenary, an agency which focuses on e-commerce growth, specialising in social media advertising, conversion rate optimisation, analytics and user research.

In this talk Nick covers three main points re e-commerce:

  1. Which metrics really matter
  2. Choosing the right channels
  3. Avoiding common mistakes

 Show Notes:

  • Nick’s talk starts proper at [04:00]
  • Which metrics really matter [05:15]
  • What is a good conversion rate [05:15]
  • Conversion rate scenarios [06:00]
  • What actually matters? [07:15]
  • Example of how the numbers break down [08:42]
  • LTV – Customer Lifetime Value  [11:20]
  • Choosing the right channels – how do you drive people to your site? [13:00]
  • AIDA [13:15]
  • Are you creating demand? Or capturing demand? [13:30]
  • Do they know what you sell? [14:15]
  • Book: ‘Traction’ [15:45]
    Helps you find out your right channel mix
  • Avoiding common mistakes [16:50]
  • 1. Get the basics right [17:05]
  • It’s easy to disconnect between our own experiences and those of our customers” [19:30]
  • 2. “I get 10x ROAS (but only on retargeting)” [19:35]
  • 3. “I can’t see it in Google Analytics (so it didn’t happen)” [21:05]
  • 4.  Not talking to your customers [22:40]
  • 5. Lack of structure when trying new things [24:00]
  • Q. What are the trends we are seeing in e-commerce? [25:00]

A big thanks to Nick for a fascinating introductory talk which such clear explanations for key concepts!

#TheWPshow will be back in September, so please keep an eye on our upcoming webinars page and join in our free Facebook Group for #TheWPshow.


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