#TheWPshow WordPress Plugins

On the April 2021 show, we had our Chief Joel Hughes and Lead Tech Developer Ben telling us all about Plugins!

Here are the show notes:

3:30 The code of a plugin – what happens when a code is updated!

6:00 How to asses the right plugin for you.

7:30 A Plugin example – Hello Dolly

8:55 A Plugin example – WooCommerce

12:10 A Plugin example – Breeze WordPress Cache Plugin

14:56 Cloudflare

16:50 Gutenburg Themes

20:22 Conflicts of Plugins

22:37 Auto updates on Plugins 

33:29 Publishing Help 

35:05 Two Factor Authentication 

Thank you for watching this months #TheWPshow and taking the time to read this post. Keep an eye out for next months show on the Gutenburg Editor.

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