Website Review Revelations – 1

We recently performed a high-level website review for a company and I’d like to share some of the key points we uncovered as many will be applicable to lots of websites out there. In these series of short posts, we’ll go through those learnings so that you can apply them to your website.

The website in question

We can’t disclose the name of the website or exact findings as we’re under strict legal obligations so if I’m generic, hopefully, you’ll understand why.

Target Audience

On our entry-level website review service, we look at the site cold – without any prior knowledge about the business/customers etc. In such circumstances, we make an educated guess at as who we think the website is designed for – i.e. the ‘target audience‘. In more advanced, in-depth reviews, we will have analysed any supplied documentation (such as marketing plans etc) prior to reviewing the site, and have a much richer & deeper understanding the client’s target audience(s).

Tip: Armed with a firm idea of your website target audience, it’s much easier to put yourself in their shoes and consider how they would experience first visiting your homepage.

What questions are your audience asking?

It is critical to consider the types of questions your target audience will be asking when they land on your website e.g.

Q. Who’s website is this?

Q. What problem(s) are they trying to address?

Q. Is their solution right for me?

Q. Is this solution safe & reliable?

Q. How do I find out more?

Q. How much is their solution?

Q. Where can I obtain this solution?

Takeaway: start documenting your website target audience, consider what questions they will have in their heads.

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Coming Next: Main Menu

So, in the interests of brevity, I’ll end here & in the next blog post in this series, we’ll look at what we uncovered when we looked at the website’s main primary navigation – hint: lots to talk about there!

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