Note: we do not deal with recruitment agencies or off-shore development companies. Please do not contact us.

Whilst we don’t have any full time or part-time permanent posts yet*, we are interested in the following part-time / ad hoc roles.

(*This may change, however, especially for junior/med PHP/WordPress devs).

1) Freelance Senior WordPress Dev & Sysops

By senior, we mean that this is not a role for someone with basic WordPress experience.

You will be a seasoned, professional developer (not a designer) with significant programming skills in, more than likely, a few programming languages, and PHP frameworks like Laravel.

You’ll have a good few years experience of in programming, and of administering & deploying WordPress sites etc.

You’ll know how to troubleshoot technical situations and you’ll be very at home on the command line. You’ll be very confident with all technical matters, from DNS, to CDN, to GIT, to security etc.

The work is ad hoc & fully emote. It will suit a freelancer who juggles multiple projects with multiple clients, and who can commit some time to us each week.

You will have very good communication skills both written and verbal. English is likely to be your first language.

You will be proactive and able to get involved. Working with us suits people who are actively looking for work, actively looking to get involved, and to suggest ideas etc.

If you are looking for a constant stream of work and can commit (at the least) a couple of hours+ to us for work, then please get in touch.

2) Freelance WordPress Designer

You will be a seasoned WordPress frontend designer.

You’ll have a portfolio of WordPress work. You’ll know how to code themes, custom post types etc. You’re not expected to be an expert on the dev side (that’s why we are looking for the role above as well); we are hiring you for your design & theme build expertise.

The work is ad hoc & remote. It will suit a freelancer who juggles multiple projects with multiple clients.

3) Student (part-time)

We’ve previously worked with students with a great deal of success. You are most likely in your second or final year of a software, design, or creative degree. You will have some free time amongst your studies so you’ll be able to fit in a few hours of paid work per week.

The work will be varied but will probably involve working with WordPress & other admin work. This could be content loading or minor development – this partially depends on your skill-set.

Overall, you’ll need to be diligent and great at communicating. As the role will mainly be remote, you need to be able to manage your time well.

This role will be perfect for someone who wants exposure & experience in a digital agency.

How to Apply

Reminder: please do not get in touch if you are a recruitment agency or an off-shore development company. We will not be able to use your services.

We will need to speak occasionally during the day, so this will not suit someone currently in a full-time job.

If any of these roles are for you, please email us.


Team Glass Mountains