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I attended the webinar about ‘Learning To Love WordPress’. The session was very informative, Joel (The presenter) was very thorough without being too techy and I was able to gain some very useful insights about my own website and using Yoast.
The group size was perfect and interactive Q&A helped me answer my questions about WordPress in a relaxed, informal environment

Amanda Baker Endeavour Consulting

Working with Glass Mountains has been a great experience. The team there truly cares about their customers businesses and takes the extra time to communicate with me to ensure they have a clear understanding of our goals. I appreciate their technical expertise as well as their insights that extend to many facets of our business.

What I got from the WordPress webinar with Glass Mountains was clarity and actionable tips to improve day to day management of my clients’ wordpress websites. I also found it useful to be shown Google Search Console which is something I’ll look forward to looking into. Thanks Joel and Ben!

Jade Tambini Tambini Marketing