We’ve been designing websites for well over 15 years. And in that time, the digital landscape of how websites are built has changed beyond all recognition (if there’s one constant in the web design business, it’s change!). However, in that time, one thing has remained constant: our methodical, business focussed, no-jargon approach to delivering exceptional WordPress websites for our clients – i.e. via our process.

Our process is something that we have honed and adapted over many, many years. And it keeps changing; we are always learning and fine tuning it, incorporating the ever changing web industry best practices so that your website is always ahead of the pack.

Our process also needs to be robust enough to handle the situation where we sometimes never meet our clients face to face; i.e. many of our clients are in US. With tools like Zoom, Skype, UberConference etc, distance is not a problem.

Lets take a look our process below:

How it begins…

At the outset of the project, we’ll either have a phone call or a meeting with you so that we can get a feel for the scope & breadth of your project. We can then give you an estimate as to the anticipated level of investment you’ll be required to make. This estimate is based on what we know at that point in time, and is without the benefit of a deeper, more thorough exploration of your needs – which leads us neatly into the first step:

  1. Discovery Phase

    Once you’re happy with the estimate (and the deposit has been paid), we’ll kick off with our full process. We now have time to fully delve into your needs,  allowing us to better understand the underlaying reasons behind your requirements and to obtain key details about your business; e.g. your target audience(s), products/services, your brand guidelines, market conditions, business direction etc. This phase may last a few hours or, for more complex projects, may span multiple days or weeks.

    This Discovery Phase may well uncover new opportunities which were previously unknown. E.g. perhaps there are issues with your brand identity which need addressing, or perhaps we additionally need to plan for new website hosting etc. Whatever these new opportunities are, we’ll present them to you as optional extras;  you can decide to include them in the current phase of the project, or leave them till later on.

    As with all key milestones in the project, we will ask you to ‘sign off‘ this stage. This means that we are all in agreement with where the project is. Sign off allows us to progress to the next stage in the process.

  2. Site Planning

    We may well need to create documentation to help communicate the overall structure & direction of the website, the general layout of certain pages, or anything else that will help capture the scope of the project in a clear language that all of us can understand. Such documents may well go through various revisions & will be discussed with you.

  3. Design

    Next we create design mockups for key pages of your website. We’ll jointly review these initial website designs & respond to your feedback. Typically this review throws up minor changes and amends which can be fed back into the next round of designs.

  4. Building

    Once we’ve agreed the overall design direction, we can press ahead and begin the heavy lifting involved with turning your design into an actual WordPress website. By default, we make sure that your website will work well on iPhones, iPads etc (called “Responsive Design“), is tuned to SEO, and it fast & zippy in terms of website performance.

  5. Training and Content

    The website content (i.e. the words & images) is very important and we will have already agreed who is responsible for creating any required content previously. Depending on the project we may have undertaken a ‘content audit‘ to assess the state of your existing web content (after all, we don’t simply want to pour current, potentially poor content back into a brand new website, as that won’t achieve much!).

    If you need any training on how to use your new WordPress website, then we can provide that. Depending on what has been agreed, either you or us will load any required content on your website.

  6. Review

    Before launch, you’ll typically have access to your website in a private, password protected manner. This provides us with a safe environment to perform final testing before launching your website.

  7. Go Live

    Once you’re happy, we’ll make everything live and phase 1 your website project is complete. We say phase 1 because we may have identified opportunities earlier (e.g. an email newsletter, CRM integration etc) but decided to delay working on that until after the initial phase was complete.

    Post launch, where possible, we typically offer 30 days, free of charge bug fixes on the website. After that period has lapsed, time is billable and clients can chose a support package which best fits their needs.

The End

Hopefully this gives you a flavour of how our website projects typically play out. However, this process is not set in stone – we do adapt our approach depending on the particular needs for your project. Please feel free to get in touch to ask us any questions.