The purpose of this page is to layout how we treat your personal information.

Note: we’ve not put this into a full, formal cookie or privacy policy yet mainly because those documents, whilst perhaps legally useful, aren’t really readable to everyday website visitors. And, a core value of Glass Mountains is that we are here to try and add clarity in this world of technical mumbo jumbo – simplifying and enlightening.

So, let’s try this in plain language:

Email Newsletter

We infrequently send out an email newsletter via the Active Campaign service. If you receive an email from us then either you have given us explicit consent or you are a client. As usual with such services, the ability is unsubscribe is always available in any such email (typically a link in the email footer).

All the contacts in our newsletter have been ‘cleansed’ in 2018 to triple check they are happy to receive further emails.

Newsletter signups via our website use the ‘double optin’ method so that we can sure that the email address entered is correct.

We do not sell or pass on your email address and contact information to anyone – that would daft (to put it mildly).

You can request/check/amend any information we have stored on you, but that will basically be any info you entered on the newsletter signup.


Cookies are invisible bits of information which are securely stored on your computer when you visit a website. Cookies are generally pretty harmless – well, we say ‘generally’ but if some idiot website developer stored your credit card details in a cookie, that would be bad (very bad!). But, luckily, no self respecting website designer would even dream of doing something so daft, so that is not the problem we are looking at here.

It is important for you to know what cookies a website is storing so you can make informed choices.

If you ever look, you’ll notice that our website causes cookies to be stored via these services:

  • Google Analytics
  • CloudFlare

Google Analytics is a pretty standard Web Analytics tool which helps us see how anonymous website visitors navigate our website. It does not store your email address, or your IP address *etc.

(*You may have heard of GDPR, under this stricter legislation, basic Google Analytics would need explicit consent from you, the website visitor, before it can run. However, we are running a modified version of Google Analytics which removes the issue which cause the consent need: i.e. we anonymous the IP address  which is sent to Google Analytics, and we make sure that Google’s advertising features are turned off).

Cloudflare is a service we use to make our website more secure, and faster to download. Cloudflare set a cookie for specific reasons, we don’t see a consent implication here (though we do constantly review all aspects of privacy/consent etc).

You may also see a PHP session variable which is purely there to allow the website to function. We don’t store any personal info in it etc – it’s purely a technical matter.

Vimeo is used to play videos on our site.  They set cookies which they deem to be essential for their service to work, and do not collect personal information for any kind of marketing purposes.  You can read about the cookies that Vimeo set here

Stripe is the payment provider we use to process any transactions on our site.  Stripe sets essential cookies for the purpose of making transactions as secure as possible through the site.  This data is not sent anywhere for the purpose of marketing.  You can read the Stripe Cookie policy here.