Updated: 1st Jan 2021

The purpose of this page is to lay out how we treat your personal information.

Note: we’ve not put this into a full, formal cookie or privacy policy yet mainly because those documents, whilst perhaps legally useful, aren’t really readable to everyday website visitors. And, a core value of Glass Mountains is that we are here to try and add clarity in this world of technical mumbo jumbo – simplifying and enlightening – not just creating legal documents for tick box reasons.

So, let’s try this in plain language:


Cookies are pretty much invisible bits of information which are securely stored on your computer when you visit certain websites. Cookies are generally harmless – however, in this more privacy-aware era we need to be more open about any privacy impacting services that a website is running.

With GDPR etc, services such as Google Analytics & Facebook Pixel require active consent from the website visitor before they are allowed to run. 

We at Glass Mountains don’t like interrupting the website user experience with such ‘consent’ pop-ups so our decision has been to strip out anything which looks like it requires active consent.

From Jan 2021, we have removed Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, and other such services.

We will not purposefully run anything on the site which requires consent.

In terms of the remaining Cookies on the site:

Cloudflare is a service we use to make our website more secure, and faster to download. Cloudflare set a cookie for specific reasons, we don’t see a consent implication here (though we do constantly review all aspects of privacy/consent etc). The CloudFlare CFDUID is being deprecated in May 2021.

You may also see a PHP session variable which is purely there to allow the website to function. We don’t store any personal info in it etc – it’s purely a technical matter.

Vimeo is used to play videos on our site.  They set cookies which they deem to be essential for their service to work, and do not collect personal information for any kind of marketing purposes.  You can read about the cookies that Vimeo set here

Stripe is the payment provider we use to process any transactions on our site.  Stripe sets essential cookies for the purpose of making transactions as secure as possible through the site.  This data is not sent anywhere for the purpose of marketing.  You can read the Stripe Cookie policy here.

YouTube – we are investigating any YouTube cookies and if any of them involve any form of tracking then we shall take action to remove them.


We have various contact forms on our website, some are hosted on the website itself, some may be Active Campaign forms. The purpose of the individual form should be clear depending on the content.

E.g. if you use the contact form on our website, we’ll receive an email based on your form submission, and we shall respond accordingly. Your personal information will not be used for any other purpose – e.g. you will NOT automatically be added to an email list etc.

We also have some forms for people to sign up to our online events. These are mainly Active Campaign forms. People who sign up via this route, will automatically receive a series of emails to help remind them to attend the event. After the event, there will be 1 or 2 emails to tell you about the video replay (if appropriate), and to ask for feedback. You will NOT automatically be added to our newsletter for future events (unless you actively subscribe to that).

Final Thoughts

We are actively reviewing everything on the Glass Mountains website (in case we’ve missed anything here etc), and will update this document as we go. However, our guiding star will remain the same: when you visit our site, to the best of our knowledge, there will be nothing happening under the surface which invisibly tracks you, or stores unique information about you. We do NOT want to have your consent for anything so our simple approach will be to remove any services which require such consent.