A 45 min Zoom session where we chat about what you can do to improve your site

If you would like to improve your website, why not book a 45 minute online meeting session where we walk through your website discussing tips & ideas about how you can improve it.

Advice will be aimed at things you can either easily do yourself, or learn to do (rather than needing to hire a web design or WordPress expert etc). 

And if your website is WordPress, we can give you some specific advice there.

You can ask any questions you like – and the session will be recorded so you can replay it back later and go back over the points we discuss.


Who I am

My name is Joel Hughes and since 2001, I’ve been running Glass Mountains. We specialise in WordPress and our remote team helps clients in the UK and the US manage and enhance their WordPress websites.

Note: prices include EU VAT/invoice will be provided.

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  • 45 min Zoom session


    • 45 min online meeting
    • Share screen - to review your website
    • Dive into WordPress backend (if needed)
    • Discuss any aspects you like
    • Recording available to you
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We can discuss aspects like:

  • Suitability to target audience
  • Adherence to Best Practice
  • Ease of use
  • Navigation
  • Use of technology
  • Marketing Effectiveness
  • Graphic Design
  • Mobile
  • Call to actions
  • …or anything else you’d like to ask

Simply buy now, and we’ll book it in.


Glass Mountains are incredibly thoughtful and thorough. They think through problems and solutions in a ways that adds a ton of value at every level. They’re not just about making sites, they’re about making your business better.

Joel’s Glass Mountains team has been amazing. I’m able to sleep better at night knowing that the websites are always being taken care of and that any problem, if it arises, will be fixed immediately. They take full ownership of everything they do, and I don’t know what I’d do without them.

I was really struggling to understand why my website was not getting any registrations, I was then recommended to speak to Joel who then advised me to have a usability report done. The report was in-depth, knowledgeable, and very, very useful. The feedback was practical and immediately useful. It was very reassuring to have an expert pair of eyes available to help.

H Dhanota

As a Digital Marketing Manager I worked with Glass Mountains over the course of 6 years and can highly recommend their straight-forward no nonsense approach to web design and web development.

Joel & his team have the brilliant ability to make the complex and sometimes technical aspects of web development seem entirely understandable and easy to process. They are never content to just go with the obvious answer to a new challenge and will look for different solutions depending on your circumstances and budget.

Liz Mounfield Digital Marketing Manager

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Glass Mountains. The whole process from conception, through build, and launch was entirely painless. We are absolutely delighted with the final result which really makes us stand out from our competitors. Post launch the support has been great, and we are looking forward to working with Glass Mountains in the future on subsequent versions.

Julia Brockley Circle Support


Need some help?

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