Julie McDermott

We are a non profit organisation based in West Yorkshire who arrange space & astronaut events here in the U.K. It was at one such event I first met Joel Hughes, he told me of his background in WordPress web design and offered to overhaul our then very dated website. Joel kindly offered the services of Glass Mountains, at no cost to us. I still cannot believe the generosity, we at Space Lectures will be forever grateful.

We set about pulling together the information and photographs which would form the content of the new website. At first I thought geography might pose a problem in the project, Glass Mountain being based in South Wales, myself in South Yorkshire, Rick my wing man in Cheshire but with online sharing tools, geography was never an issue.. The new website launched in January 2016, the team have continued to work with us, updating our website as and when it is needed. Joel and the team are superb people to work with, I highly recommend.

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