Q&A webinar on “SEO”


Date: Fri 15th May / 14:00 (BST) - Price: FREE

This webinar has already taken place

Our fortnightly WordPress Q&A sessions are an ideal, free way of getting your questions answered.

The sessions are aimed at businesses who happen to use WordPress for their websites – our aim is to give tips and ideas for how to get more value out of WordPress. The sessions aren’t aimed at ar WordPress designers or developers.

Each fortnight we focus on a different topic, we’ll do a short presentation on the topic, and then we’ll field questions (both submitted beforehand, and live).

This session the topic is: SEO

This could be anything from keywords, Google Search Console, to using Yoast….Remember though, we are a WordPress agency so our view of SEO will be very much about ‘onsite‘ and from a WordPress specific point of view.

Note: we are going to run a webinar where we get an SEO agency on board to talk about all of their specialisms and to throw some light on that. Make sure you sign up for webinar updates to stay informed about that.

On the signup form, you get a chance to post your question in.

The webinar will run in our Facebook WordPress Q&A group, so please join that before the event (that’s a great place to ask your pre-event questions as well):

WordPress Q&A Facebook group

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