Rick Hurst – WordPress.com VIP engineer


Date: Fri 19th Mar / 15:20 (GMT) - Price: FREE

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Rick Hurst

Rick Hurst

Rick is a member of the engineering team at @WordPressVIP, which is part of Automattic (owned by Matt Mullenweg, the co-founder of WordPress).

A billion years ago, Rick and I worked together as freelance web developers, so it’s lovely to get Rick on the show and to catch up.

Rick is going to chat about what he does at WordPress VIP, and he’ll also chat about some of the other hosting options that are available. This’ll be a great opportunity to get some insider knowledge from the source itself and, for me, I’m looking forward to learning more about WordPress.com (and related) hosting as, for whatever reason, I tend to overlook it!


Rick Hurst has been building websites and web applications for 20 years with experience across web agencies, freelance and contracting. He now specialises in WordPress at scale as an Engineer at WordPress VIP, part of Automattic.

Rick Hurst

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