WordPress Health Check

With our ‘WordPress Health Check‘ service, you’ll have our expert eyes on your WordPress website, giving you the low down on how healthy the website is, and what actionable steps you can take to make it faster, and more secure.

This service is very much focused on the health of the backend of your WordPress site; checking how resilient it is for you, and how able it is to be developed on. If you need a service to check your UX and customer journeys etc, please use our Website Review Service.

With this fixed price service we will look at:

  • Website performance/hosting
  • Plugin review
  • Theme health
  • Google Search Console (summary)
  • Security

You’ll receive a report of our findings & recommendations. If required, you can also schedule a call to review our report.

Note: we do not make any changes as part of this service, this is reviewing your WordPress website only.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Will you review the homepage and UX of the website?

A. No. This service is more about reviewing the raw health of your WordPress site. If you need a review of (for example), your homepage, please use our “Website Review Service“.

Q. Does this include any changes to my website?

 A. No, this is a read-only health check. If you wish to commission us to perform any follow on work, you are more than welcome to.

Q. Does this help with privacy policies/GDPR?

A. We can report on services your website is running that might have GDPR implications. But we cannot guarantee website compliance with GDPR etc, though we can point you to a legal service who can help.

Q. What recommendations will you make regarding plugins?

We’ll take a look at the number, type, and recency to updates of your plugins and give you some high-level recommendations.

Q. What recommendations can you make regarding the theme?

A. Our aim here is to give you our recommendation on how healthy your theme is, and how amenable it is in terms of being developed on. E.g. some older themes (especially using older visual composition tools) are quite out of date now and not only make your website difficult to use, but also slow it down. We shall investigate your site and make any appropriate recommendations.