Broomfield & Alexander

Broomfield & Alexander are the leading accountancy firm in Wales. Like many busy businesses, they had a website which was not truly reflecting their brand and they knew it had to be addressed.  In short, they needed our proven process for revitalising professional services websites.

Before leaping into visual design, we worked closely with the client to plan the website structure and the overall user experience. Website visitors have a very limited attention span online; every second counts.

We also undertook customer research to help pin down what their customers valued from them. Armed with this knowledge, we were able to adapt the website design to resonate these values & better appeal to the target audience.

“The Glass Mountains team makes the act of building web sites and intranets simple and straightforward. I’ve always found them open to ideas and suggestions and able to steer or guide us to the most appropriate thing for the job.

There’s no jargon or technical snobbishness to try to and fool you into spending more or creating something unnecessary. We’re always looking for ways to improve our online service and they are always there to bounce ideas off and find the best fit for the firm.”

Liz Mounfield / Head of Marketing

The final design was responsive (i.e. it works equally on smartphones and tablets) and was built on top of a heavily customised version of the WordPress publishing platform. Full training was given to allow the client to update and amend all key aspects of their website.

Please feel free to visit the Broomfield & Alexander website


We have subsequently worked on many projects with Brooomfield & Alexander, e.g. creating an extranet for their employees. The extranet is a private, web-based system, allowing information to be shared with employees.

Other projects include setting up an email newsletter system (Campaign Monitor), and the design of a bespoke, responsive email newsletter.


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