Dinna Voges

Dinna is a sales recruitment/talent acquisition specialist based in beautiful California.

We were recommended to Dinna via her copywriter, with the goal of building a new website (there wasn’t one before, even though she is an established business).

Dinna is a respected industry expert – and her website needs to be a highly polished touch point so that when people say “Oh, you need to speak to Dinna!“, prospects visit the website and are immediately immersed & impressed by exactly the right type of messaging and experience – encouraging them to seamlessly take the next step.


In any project, we are not afraid to make the big recommendations – making sure that the client gets what they need (which is not always the same as what they want!) is paramount to us. Clients come to us because we are subject matter experts – we do them a disserve if we are not completely honest with them, and do not give them our considered recommendations.

Our first recommendation was that, before we started the website, Dinna had branding work undertaken. Our chosen partner for this (and, indeed, the person who came up with the Glass Mountains name & branding), is Peter Seymour. Pete weaved his branding magic and then we built out from that to make sure Dinna presented the full website experience so that her online audience was fully catered for.

LOVE the website!! You and your team did an Amazing job!! It is fantastic and I am thrilled to see all the work come together in the beautiful finished product. Your patience in working with delays caused by me were greatly appreciated as well. The follow-up after launch by Joel and the team has further highlighted how dedicated Glasshouse is to creating a great website creation experience. I will be reaching out for additions and updates as needed for the website

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