Huw Jones is amongst the U.K.’s top food photographers. His studio team helps big name brands with the highest quality food photography for product packaging.

Huw is based in Newport (Wales, UK) equipped with not only a top-end photography studio, but with a restaurant spec kitchen, plus photo editing suite. Huw’s team offer a turnkey solution for brands requiring premium quality food and packaging photography.

How we helped

We helped Huw with two elements:

Note: these are atypical projects for the Glass Mountains team as typically we work in the WordPress platform. However, it was not the best solution for this project – and in such cases we deliver static/flat websites, bespoke PHP applications, or even smartphone/tablet apps.

The main website is built using flat HTML (i.e. no content management system) and uses a heavily customised graphical layout engine to display Huw’s fantastic artwork.

The file portal is a bespoke PHP application that allows Huw to deliver his artwork to remote clients.

Visit Huw’s website.


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