Jason Dorsey is a world-renowned keynote speaker on the subject gen-z & Millenials etc. Jason and his team are one of our US based clients. The distance is not an issue for our highly experienced remote working team – working with a client in another timezone, without ever meeting, is something we have done for other clients such as Jon Loomer, Jay Baer, Mark Schaefer, and Steve Spangler.

Glass Mountains helped completely revamp the JasonDorsey.com website, perform activities such as:

  • content audit
  • sitemap (restructuring existing content, planning for new)
  • custom WordPress theme design

We helped deploy the new design to a test site and worked with Jason’s team to ensure all content was in place, and fully tested before going live. As the website content was heavily restructured, we had to ensure that all redirects were in place and that Google Analytics and Google Search Console etc were closely monitored after launch.

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