MHA Broomfield Alexander were the leading independent accountancy firm in Wales (with a 100 year pedigree).

In 2017, as part of their ongoing business strategy, they decided last year to rebrand. This would obviously also affect their existing website. They gave us the go ahead to roll out the brand digitally in plenty of time; several months ahead of the scheduled Christmas 2017 launch date.

We’d designed the original site and as long term partners were already familiar with the business and what their customers want.

The new site was assembled in a private, online area,  which was shared with the client whilst the existing site was still running live. This meant the staff could:

  • contribute to the development of the site in their own time
  • test and upload new or amended content
  • test elements of the user experience (UX)

The bespoke site was, as usual with Glass Mountains projects, built on the WordPress platform to allow staff to update it easily.

The rebrand also required additional changes to the highly bespoke email marketing approach the client uses via Active Campaign.

In 2019, MHA Broomfield Alexander were bought out by Baldwins.

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