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Date: Fri 29th Jan / 14:00 (GMT) - Price: FREE

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This webinar will be hosted via Facebook Live, within our WordPress Q&A group.

Leona Storet SlytheThis time we’re lucky to heave Leona Storet Slythe on the show, and she’ll be giving us a gentle introduction into what keyword research is, and why it can be useful to your website and your SEO. Leona may also get a chance to demo to us some useful tools which we can use.

Leona works at Reddico – a company name you may remember as we had Nick Redding on the show back in June giving a fantastic tour of all things SEO (here is a replay).

There are more details to follow, and I’ll update this page as I get them.

I’m certainly very looking forward to this interesting and in-depth topic.



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