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Date: Fri 29th Jan / 14:00 (GMT) - Price: FREE

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Leona Storet SlytheThis time we’re lucky to have Leona Storet Slythe on the show, who’ll be giving us a gentle introduction into what SEO keyword research is, and why it can be useful for your website and your SEO.

Leona works at Reddico – a company name you may remember as we had Nick Redding on the show back in June 2020 giving a fantastic tour of all things SEO (here is a replay).

In just five years, Leona has worked her way up from SEO Executive to SEO Consultant at Reddico, European Search Awards winners in 2020. She leads SEO across a number of accounts, predominantly within the travel, insurance and law industries.

She’ll share advice on how you can focus on the biggest opportunities within search using keyword research – how you can find opportunities, how to assess whether they’re right for you and how to optimise your site for key terms. Leona will also offer insight into how you can make sure you’re doing it better than your competitors.


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