WordPress Hosting & Managed Support

If you are looking for help with hosting or support of your existing WordPress website, we can help.

We host and support many, many companies and organisations, both in the UK and the US.

We have developed a highly specialised suite of best-of-breed hosting services & processes to ensure your website has the best possible online care; after all, website downtime can mean lost business. We are highly focussed on ensuring your website visitors experience a lightning-fast, high-performance website, with the minimum of downtime.

Expert Helping Hands

You’ll have direct access to our highly skilled team of WordPress experts to help answer and resolve any issues you might encounter.

Behind the scenes, we’ll be proactively maintaining your website, keeping it up to date and strengthening it against any security risks etc.

Examples of what sets our WordPress hosting & support apart includes:

  • Automatic Core WordPress updates
  • Plugin upgrades (& testing)
  • Functionality testing
  • Web page speed performance testing
  • Proactive security improvements
  • Stage / testing environment
  • Source control & automated deployment
  • Daily database & file backups
  • Image optimisation
  • Web application firewall
  • Email based ticketing system
  • Proactive monitoring
  • Proactive upgrades & suggestions
  • Google Search Console monitoring
  • SSL integration
  • Plugin subscription renewals
  • …and much more

For your flexibility, we treat ‘hosting’ and ‘support’ as two separate services, please get in touch to discuss the exact package you need.

Please talk to us today about how to take your WordPress hosting & support to the next level.