Here at Glass Mountains, we talk about High Performance Web Design; being focussed on making sure that your website delivers significant return on investment. Your website achieves that by being built from the ground up to be tuned to your business, your goals, & to your target audience.

However, to achieve premium results, we need to look beyond just your website into what third party services can be integrated.

Integration – The Bigger Picture

We can help look beyond your website, and identify opportunities where it can integrate with the latest digital and communication tools & platforms. Why? To add more value to your online investment.

Examples of systems we can integrate with:

A Quick Tour

To give you a brief idea on what some of these services do:

Google Analytics – the classic analytics platform. We do so much work with analytics that we’ve dedicated a section on this website to it. Google Analytics is not the only analytics platform out there, but it can certainly meet the needs of most businesses.

Active Campaign – Active Campaign is a heady mix of email marketing system, CRM*, and marketing automation platform all rolled into one; at an affordable price. We’ve done quite a few complex Active Campaign integrations and the more we learn, the more powerful it is how such platforms can add value to many B2B businesses.

Infusionsoft – similar to Active Campaign, a very popular marketing automation CRM suite – very powerful & easy to use.

Campaign Monitor – this is a very friendly, traditional email marketing system with a great editor and fantastic reports. Better still, it hasn’t been left behind by the likes of Active Campaign and it has recently upped its game on the marketing automation front.

Segment – this is a very useful tool which pretty much acts as a data junction. You can use Segment to collect the analytics data on your website and then feed it off to other services. It integrates well with many services including Active Campaign & Autopilot. You can even store all your data in an SQL database for advanced queries.

OptinMonster – here is a fantastic tool for many B2B sites. Used carefully, it can dramatically increase the number of conversions on your website.

Where to start?

Apart from picking up the phone, an ideal starting point would be a half day workshop, or a structured meeting where all stakeholders can frankly and openly discuss the current website and the business. Out of this we can discover potential opportunities for your business.

Please contact us if you have any questions.


(*A CRM is a Customer Record Management system; you use it to record all of your customer information, so you can make better decisions.)