Google’s Universal Analytics has been replaced by Google’s newest and most powerful analytics platform to date: Google Analytics 4 (GA4).

GA4 offers improved data accuracy, cross-device tracking, and much more. It’s the perfect solution for organisations looking to gain vital insights into their website’s performance.

Glass Mountains’ experts specialise in setting up and configuring Google Analytics 4 (GA4) – ensuring a solid configuration for your reporting based on meaningful data and tracking important user behaviours such as button clicks.

Why is Google Analytics important?

Google Analytics 4 is a powerful tool that can help inform key data-based decisions for your business. Data from GA4 will ensure that commercial decisions and marketing performance is based on solid and reliable metrics.

By tracking key metrics such as page views, bounce rates, and conversion rates, you can better understand how your audience interacts with the website and how you can improve your online presence.

Marketing performance tracking

One of the major benefits of GA4 is the ability to track performance of marketing campaigns. If you invest time and money into social marketing, email campaigns or paid ads, it’s important to be able to report on their performance. This way you will get a better understanding of what channels perform best and where you should focus your efforts.

Audience segmentation

Another important aspect of Google Analytics is the ability to segment your audience. Grouping users based on their behaviour will help you better identify types of users that visit your website. You can also use this data for marketing purposes to target specific audiences.

Website performance

GA provides businesses with a wealth of data on their website or app’s performance, including metrics such as page load time, time spent on page, exit rate, etc. It can help you identify potential issues on your website as well as where your users are dropping off. Using this data can help you improve your conversion rate and drive revenue.

Our service includes:

  • A complete Google Analytics 4 setup on your website (hardcoded, using Google Tag Manager or plugins)
  • Customised tracking code for events and goals that are specific to your website such as form submissions, button clicks or calls
  • Setup of basic reports within GA4 that will show your best performing landing pages as well as which traffic source has the highest conversion rates
  • Ongoing support and maintenance: Reviewing analytics is just as important as the setup
  • Ecommerce setup: If you have an ecommerce website, we’ll help you effectively track your transactions
  • Training: As with any new tool, it’s important to understand how to navigate
  • GA4 migration: Migrate already existing Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4. If your website already tracks visitors we’ll help you upgrade from current setup to GA4 ensuring you track all the important data
  • Identify key interactions on the page: If you are just starting out and aren’t sure what should be tracked, our experts will help you decide what goals are important to your business and set up their tracking

We can also train your team to navigate GA4’s new features and track and streamline your data. Find out more

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