Our highly experienced team of WordPress experts can help your business achieve the highly valuable, effective, online presence it richly deserves.

With clients in the UK and the US, we are highly experienced with delivering to and working with remote clients.

Glass Mountains are incredibly thoughtful and thorough. They think through problems and solutions in a ways that adds a ton of value at every level. They’re not just about making sites, they’re about making your business better.

Below is a selection of the services we offer to help your website take giant leaps online. Feel free to explore, and then please get in touch if you’d like a friendly chat about what is best for you.

WordPress Web Design

We are experts in building and designing, highly effective Wordpress websites for our clients. Talk to us about how our High Performance Web Design techniques can take your website to the next level.

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Conversion Rate Optimisation

Conversion Rate Optimisation is about constantly improving the effectiveness of your website. Ensuring that every day it delivers a greater & greater Return on Investment for your business.

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Web analytics is confusing. We can help you choose, install, configure, and manage the right analytics tools for your business. From Google Analytics, to MixPanel, to KissMetrics & more, we can help you implement the perfect analytics for your business.

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Integration & Automation

We can help take your website to the next level by integrating it with tools such as Optimizely, ActiveCampaign, Segment, Google Analytics, Campaign Monitor and many more. Talk to us to find out what tools are right for your business.

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Workshops & Training

We love working with clients in the long run; helping them evolve & grow online. Whether that is by training on technologies such as Wordpress, Active Campaign, Twitter, Instagram etc. Or whether you need ongoing support for your website & digital strategy to ensure that your online business thrives; we can help.

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Hosting & Support

We are experts in configuring, hosting, and managing Wordpress websites. Our high performance hosting platform keeps our clients streets ahead of the competition. Find out how our hosting & support services can take your website to the next level.

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