Q&A webinar on “Social Media”


Date: Fri 26th Jun / 14:00 (BST) - Price: FREE

This webinar has already taken place

Helen Reynolds

Helen Reynolds

Creative social media expert, Hel Reynolds, will join Joel for a chat about all things social media.

She will share

  • Where most people go wrong with their social media
  • How to use social media to build a queue of clients
  • The Comms Creatives Method, the formula for growing your audience and getting maximum engagement

And you can ask her anything! (note from Joel: Helen is part of the Facebook Group, so feel free to ask any questions before).

Hel runs Comms Creatives, a social media online training agency, with her sister, Lesley – and was winner of Social Media Marketing Awards in 2018.

She also draws cartoons for internal communications industry magazine, Voice, and is at the constant beck and call of her cats, Gerald and Gabby.

Follow her on Twitter @HelReynolds, and look at the website commscreatives.com


Click here for the video reply of the event plus notes & links

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