Credit Safe is a large, UK renowned credit scoring and reporting company based in Cardiff.

Our role was not on the main, corporate website but was for a specialist internal web-based tool, used by the client’s global team. The internal tool allowed global team members to process certain activities within their area (apologies for being vague, this is confidential to the client!).

This was an unusual project for us as this was a rare change from using WordPress. Instead, we were called on for UX, and design skills to provide a completely new design for the tool. This involved working with the client’s stakeholder team, wireframing and redesigning numerous key pages (the tool was very graphical in nature). We created reusable components as part of a design system so that the client was able to implement subsequent website sections in the new design. As outputs of the process. the client was provided with static web assets that their development team incorporated into the app itself – we liaised closely with the client’s dev team so that the provided assets were as easily implementable into their systems as possible.

As our work was for on internal tool, we cannot provide a direct link to it.

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