#TheWPshow on Google Search Console

This is an edited replay of #TheWPshow (The WordPress Show) from the 4th of Sept 2020. Feel free to join our community on Facebook where future events are streamed.

In the first #TheWPshow after the summer break, I dip into a short tour of Google Search Console. I cover points such as:

  • What is Google Search Console?
  • How is it different from Google Analytics?
  • The fundamentals of how Google analyses websites (& why)
  • Why it is relevant to SEO
  • A demo of Google Search Console
  • Finding Google Search Console
  • Setting up Google search Conole (GSC) with your website
  • The ‘Overview‘ page in GSC
  • Looking for errors in your GSC report
  • Fixing errors and monitoring results
  • The ‘Performance‘ report in GSC
  • Looking at search query data in GSC
  • The URL inspection tool
    – how to see if your page is in GSC
    – how to request re-indexing
  • The ‘Coverage‘ report in GSC
  • Looking at error codes
  • What 5xx errors can tell you about your hosting
  • Using UptimeRobot to monitor the uptime for your website
  • When & GSC emails you
  • Sitemaps in GSC
  • What are Sitemaps.xml?
  • Removals‘ in GSC – why do that?
  • Enhancements‘ report in GSC
  • Core Web Vitals – my blog post on the subject 
  • A video replay of a Core Web Vitals issue
  • Apols! I lose the screen share towards the end!
  • Google’s Structured Data
  • A quick tour of Google’ Structured Data & how this gets referenced in GSC

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