#TheWPshow – Online Legal Issues

Sadly we had some audio issues at first, so I’ve needed to edit those bits out. We jump in with Alistair starting to talk about the meaty topic of GDPR….

I managed to salvage most of the presentation and we pick up with Alistair starting to talk about GDPR (the audio dips in and out whilst I troubleshoot but it’s mostly fine from there on in).

Many thanks for Alistair Cooper & Kelsey Farish from DAC Beachcroft for their time, and with their perseverance with putting up with the technology issues!

Here are some of the points which are covered

  1. GDPR
  2. Consent
  3. Privacy Policies
  4. CCPA (no single privacy law in US)
  5. Cookies & consent
  6. PECA
  7. Providing information on cookies
  8. Definition of consent
  9. Browser settings & consent
  10. Cookie walls – good or bad?
  11. Other risk areas
  12. Children
  13. Linking & Framing
  14. Click Wrap licence
  15. User content
  16. Live content
  17. Q&A section
  18. Q. US companies – does GDPR apply to them?
  19. Q. GDPR/CCPA – more legislation coming?
  20. ….GDPR and impact of Brexit
  21. Privacy Shield
  22. GDPR/CCPA court cases?
  23. Q re Cookie walls

Again, many thanks to Alistair & Kelsey for their time – hopefully we can get them back on the show (glitch-free!) in the future as this ever-changing landscape evolves.

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