#TheWPshow replay with Steve Kirtley

On this #TheWPshow I chat to my old friend, and seasoned web developer, Steve Kirtley. We talk about the future of websites, after chatting about how the web has evolved.


  • How we used to build websites (tables/transparent gifs etc)
  • The battle of content v presentation
  • CSS emerges
  • The battle of the browsers
  • How a web browser works
  • Semantic markup and the proper use of tables!
  • Accessibility
  • What this means for SEO
  • Micro-formats, structured data, schemas etc – adding meaning to your pages
  • Google Search Console
  • WAP
  • Mobile & responsiveness
  • Separate sites for mobile
  • 56k dial-up modems & the growth of web pages (in more ways than one)
  • Website performance
  • The discrepancy in web browsing speeds
  • The emergence of pop-ups etc
  • The positive direction of travel of privacy and the negative issue of user experience
  • Print v online media
  • Big brand companies not actually following (say) GDPR
  • GDPR v Data Protection Act
  • The fallacy of privacy policies
  • The future of privacy
  • Why is Facebook ‘free‘?
  • How our data is being used?
  • FourSquare – & the power of data
  • Fake News, fact checking, and trustworthiness


I used the Descript app to help edit the video – it gives you some auto transcribing which was helpful. It made a few mistakes along the way but in general it worked well.


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