If you are an agency looking for partners to help deliver on your WordPress projects, then this page explains the ways we can work together.

However, a few notes first:

  1. We don’t offer a day rate or studio rate.
  2. All of our team are remote and will not be able to work onsite at either your premises or the end client.

Please give us as much warning as possible regarding potential work; while we will always try to be flexible and accommodating, we are also a busy agency with ongoing projects, and with clients who need our ongoing support as a trusted technical partner.

1) Direct to client

The easiest way is for us to work directly with the end client, and to bill them directly. We are happy to pay a finders fee for any such work.

We appreciate that this route is not always appropriate for an agency, and sometimes we need to operate in almost a ‘white label‘ fashion where we are an additional resource to the agency. For those circumstances, the following options are also available:

2) Pay as you go

You can purchase banks of hours from us which can be used however you see fit using our Pay As You Go WordPress Support service.

Please note that whilst this service guarantees that you have some of our availability – it does not say when that availability is, or how continuous it is. All tasks using pay as you go still need to be agreed first e.g.:

  • jointly defined
  • timescales agreed
  • booked into our workflow

3) Fixed-Rate

This is where you provide us with a clearly defined brief (which, as an agency, you will undoubtedly be used to doing) which means that, without too much back and forth, we can give a fixed price quote. If you need our help defining the requirements, we can do that as part of our pay-as-you-go service.

Where needed (and where possible) we shall endeavour to offer you a deadline for any such agreed works. However, such deadlines are dependent on us not being impacted by elements out of our control. For example, let’s say we’ve agreed to deliver a unit of work for you by close of play the following week and as part of that, you’ve agreed to provide us with the required assets before that work commences. If those assets do not arrive on time (irrespective of whether that is your fault or the end client), or if requirements are subsequently changed (requiring re-work), then that will impact any agreed deadlines & may also impact costs.

Agencies are required to pay 50% of fixed-rate projects upfront and we can only proceed on the strict understanding that our payment schedule is not dependent on any payment arrangement the agency has with the end client.

Please get in touch to discuss the most appropriate way to work together.