Plugins are a blessing and a curse for WordPress.

On the one hand, they offer businesses access to a wealth of shrink-wrapped functionality to enhance their sites which they can download for free, or at a minuscule cost (when compared to developing the functionality from scratch).

However, the knock-on effect of this is that WordPress sites can easily become bloated with too many plugins, slowing down your website, causing issues, and hampering developments. Worse, plugins can have security issues and can conflict with other plugins. So, what is the answer?

Plugin Audit

If that sounds like your website, this is what we can do to address it (after we have looked at your site and checked to ensure we can work with it):

  1. We’ll take a backup copy of your WordPress website
  2. We’ll then set up our own test version of your site
  3. We’ll analyse all plugins
  4. And come back to you with our recommendations & for your comments
  5. We’ll remove & uninstall agreed plugins
  6. We’ll also update all plugins
  7. We’ll check there are no issues (and you can confirm that)
  8. Then we’ll make the changes live

Point 1 is very important – we don’t want to (unless really, really necessary) make changes to your live website without treading very, very carefully.

Hosting Migration

We typically find WordPress websites are hosted in a poor environment, this is bad for speed and bad for security. If you are open to it, we can extend the above steps to include a hosting move e.g. FlyWheel. Better, dedicated WordPress hosting is good for your security, your updates, and better for performance & SEO.

The above work will take anywhere between 2-7 days*.

To get started, please book a block of 10 hours

Notes and exclusions:

  1. If your website is in a very poor state and has not been updated in many years – we may need to recommend you start again. However, only by looking at your WordPress site can we tell that.
  2. Some websites with very large complex plugins e.g. WooCommerce, multi-site plugins, or plugins which interact with third-party systems (e.g. Memberium plugin talks to Infusionsoft), can add significant overhead and complexity here, and we shall need to quote for those separately.