Steve Spangler is a very famous TV celebrity in the US, known as the ‘science guy‘. He has a huge following on social media with an incredible 380 million youtube views. Steve and his team are one of our US clients. Working remotely with a client in another timezone, without ever meeting, is not a problem for us as it’s something we have done for other clients such as Jon Loomer, Jay Baer, Mark Schaefer, and Jason Dorsey.

Steve’s WordPress website was well overdue for a complete overhaul. So much so that a significant early stage of the project was spent documenting the existing website structure, and planning for a completely new structure – based on a renewed deep dive into Steve’s target audience etc.

I never recommend vendors to business associates out of fear that something will go wrong. However, that’s NOT the case with Glass Mountains. Joel and his team are true pros who understand business as well as they create amazing websites. Here’s the Glass Mountains secret… they listen to the client. My website should be as unique as my business, and Glass Mountains exceeded our expectations with a site that is able to handle lots of new traffic thanks to the best practices and business savvy they employed throughout the entire design process. These people get it! Highly recommended.

WordPress was the natural choice to redevelop Steve’s site on, because of the familiarity his existing team had with it. The design is completely bespoke to Steve’s brand.

Given the size and content complexity of Steve’s site, this was one of Glass Mountain’s lengthier redesign projects.

Tasks we performed include:

  • Content audit
  • Sitemap (restructuring existing content, planning for new structure)
  • Custom WordPress theme design
  • Client training
  • Managed go-live
  • Hosting relocation

We also provide ongoing help and support to Steve and his team.

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