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Google Analytics, WordPress, and GDPR

Note: this is all subject to change! As we learn more we will be updating this post and correcting/disagreeing with ourselves (probably). Note 2: this isn’t legal advice (yadda, yadda yadda). Is Google Analytics GDPR compliant? The answer appears to…

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Admin position

We are on the look out for a freelance/self employed, methodical, diligent person to help us with client project admin tasks. You will help organise our team, liaise with clients, and help us focus on project completion dates. Whilst you are…

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GDPR – What you need to know

After last’s week intro GDPR post, I’d like to present a more in-depth point of view from a GDPR expert, Tony Dowling. Tony is a 25 year plus media guy, the last 6 year or so specialising in digital transformation,…

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GDPR & email marketing

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is coming into effect in May and this will have an impact on organisations who collect and use personal data. A classic example of such usage is where businesses have an email newsletter signup on…

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Freelance WordPress developer talent required

We are always on the look out for a specific breed of freelance talent who can help us with our ongoing projects & commitments. But before you think “hey, I”m a freelancer and know a bit about Wordpress” or [shudder] a…

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Reviewing your website

Recently I received an email from a client which went something along the lines like this “Also, wanted to catch up to see how well or otherwise new website is working. Would it be possible to do some sort of…

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Securing your WordPress website

WordPress is everywhere, it powers over 74.6 millions websites. The reason WordPress is so prolific is because it offers a free, friendly content management system (so that you can look after your website pages), it offers countless themes so even non-designers can…

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